The Camera Werks is one of the last independently-owned camera shops in Rhode Island. The Camera Werks is your "little shop that's big on service!".

Founded in 1987, we specialize in personalized service - if its photographic - we do it! In addition, we do on-site Custom Framing and offer a fine selection of ready-made photo frames, photo albums as well as used photo equipment, camera accessories, instant films, 35mm/120mm B&W/Color film, camera repairs, digital batteries & chargers and more!

766 Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906
401.273.5367 E-Mail:          Contact Us

Tuesday – Saturday 10:00am – 5:30pm
closed Sundays, Monday & Holidays


Passport, Immigration and Naturalization Photos: for only $9.95! No appointment is necessary, however it is recommended that any instructions you have been provided with should be brought in with you. No appointment is necessary - just walk in!

We also offer the following services:  custom framing, film & digital camera repairs, film processing, on-site digital printing, video transfer, fax service and More...


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We carry one of the larger selections of used equipment around!  From camera bodies to lenses -  You'll find a great selection of used 35mm 'student' cameras, most outfits including a normal lens.  All our used equipment has been cleaned and checked and comes with a 30 day warranty!   Looking for new?  not a problem!  Let us order for you!   with the ever changing times in photography -  new equipment is a "special order" item - with a usual turnaround of 1-2 days - from amateur to pro equipment.  Let us give you a quote! 

We also carry a full range of supplies
and accessories for the photographer:
  • Camera Straps
  • Lens Filters
  • Camera Bags
  • Darkroom Tools
  • Digital Media Cards 
  • etc. More... illegal buy viagra online uk where can i buy viagra in japan viagra 100 mg effectiveness viagra 20 mg how long does it last viagra dosages side effects viagra prices walmart pharmacy cost of viagra and viagra viagra for women forum